Weekly Events - Join Us!

We didn't get sober to be miserable or boring or alone - WE ARE HERE FOR A GOOD TIME FOR A LONG TIME WITH SOBER FRIENDS WHO WE LOVE!  Our five, free NOCO Sober Activities are currently: 

  • Friday (6pm to 8pm): Pickleball at the Pickleball Club of Carlsbad
  • Saturday (12:30pm to 1:30pm): Hot Yoga at Studio Cybrid 
  • Saturday (3pm to 4pm): Hot Yoga at Studio Cybrid 
  • Sunday (5:30am to 7:30am): Surf Dawn Patrol at Pipes in Cardiff (Somewhere in front of Lifeguard Stand #19)
  • Sunday (12pm to 5pm): Volleyball at Moonlight Beach (Court Closest to the Water) 

Join us this weekend!  All levels welcome! 

We're not sure if we would have made it through early sobriety without sober activities and events (Thank you God for Sober Moonlight Volleyball!).  What we are sure of is plugging into the North County sober community at sober activities and events makes our sober life FUN and so freaking worth it!  It was at these events that we learned new skills and ways to have fun that we never thought possible before. More importantly, we developed a new group of friends that we could be ourselves around and have genuine laughs with.